WeirdX Java based XWindow Server with GLX

Hi this is an hacked version of the WeirdX Java XWindow Server that supports the GLX through the JOGL OpenGL wrapping.

See Also my page on 3D visualization of a 2D windows: here.

It has been tested under Windows with the following XWindow applications.

First Release: 2004/4/24



Here are two simple snapshot of this application

Snap1 Snap2


No code yet, sorry but I'm cleaning it, for sure it will be GPL! Just pick up the JAR WeirdXGLX. It is the patched version of WeirdXGLX with the Escher library bundled.

To test it install the Java OpenGL bindings from the Java JOGL site and then launch the XServer using the class:
maybe redirecting the log output to a file or to /dev/null (or NUL:)

You can try the glxgears application from XFree86 or one of the Escher client sapplications bundled:,,




Emanuele Ruffaldi